industrial SECTOR



Tooling for Production and Maintenance

In-Plant Repair and Maintenance Services

Manufacturing, Assembly and Installation

Supplies and Kits

Managament of produciotn and maintenance equipment and assets

Design and Supply packages


Even with an EU objective of the 20% of the GDP, the industrial sector in Spain falls every year. Currently, the industrial sector is under 16%.

We believe that the main reason is because Spanish industry lie on medium and small size manufacturers. These manufacturers have issues to compete with countries with less labour cost (East Europe, Asia, North Africa).

This is why we think that the path to grow is that the industry transformation reach everybody. We bet for the digital democratization, so SMEs are not left behind.

At intrustial we train and connect our trusted suppliers network in the use of our proccesess and solutions so they can reduce costs, improve quality and grow in capacities. At the same time, they increase their margins and grow in the national and international markets.


Engineers team

Our engineers team with manufacturing expertise is divided on key sectors. Industrial sector is one of them.

Suppliers network

With quality systems and general certifications (ISO 9001, CE EN-1090 Marking, ISO 14001, ISO 45001) and specific ones (AWS welding certification, homologations on all materials and most used thicknesses and many singular ones).

Our own Software

Our Platform and Software are adapted to all quality and traceability requirements of Industrial Sector.

Horizontal Management of Supply Chain

It allows us to eliminate succesive subcontracting overcharges and risks derived of not having full visibility of the production process.

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